Pneumatic piercing tool (with reverse mode) complete with active head designed for horizontal operations.


Hand installation of Ø25-40mm plastic pipes.

Hand installation of Ø50mm plastic pipes.

Installation of fibre cables, power and gas lines.


HP55R is designed for the hand installation of small diameter pipes or lines. Thanks to active head innovation we've managed to improve accuracy and speed during piercing. Additional advantages are low weight and low air consumption. This hammer is very handy and easy to maneuver when space for excavation is limited. Reverse mode is switched on by pulling the air supply hose out (there is no need to turn the hose). Easy and safe switching of operating mode allows efficient piercing and also allows to quickly reverse the mole in emergency situations. A very important factor is that switching reverse mode on doesn't require turning the air supply hose which might be difficult. Sometimes it might not be possible due to the lack of stiffness of the air supply hose when the mole is far deep in the ground from the entry pit. Ther is an option to use calibrator in the first operation but this option reduces piercing speed by approx. 30%.

Use of HP55R mole is essential for the installation of electric and telecommunication networks. We do not recommend piercing very wet soil. In such conditions, steel pipe ramming is recommended. Unfortunately, HP55R due to low power isn't suitable for pipe ramming. Active head doesn't allow to use expanders either.