Pneumatic piercing tool (with reverse mode) complete with active head designed for horizontal operations.


Installation of Ø125mm and Ø140mm, plastic pipes directly in the first operation

Installation of Ø160mm, Ø180mm, Ø200mm, and Ø250mm plastic pipes in the second operation

Hand installation of Ø25-110mm plastic pipes

Ramming of Ø140mm, Ø159mm steel pipes

Ramming of Ø219mm, Ø273mm, Ø324mm steel pipes with the use of cones

Ramming of Ø406mm pipes on distances up to 10m


HP160L is a universal device allowing plastic pipe installation and steel pipes ramming. The range of operation is wide thanks to the ability to work with expanders and the high effectiveness of pipe ramming. HP160L combines the highest in its class power (comparing weight and diameter of the tool) with high accuracy.HP160L users also highlight the high efficiency of piercing in wet soil. Loop cable installed at the rear of the mole allows direct pipe installation with the use of steel rope and tension plate. Reverse mode is applied by pulling air supply hose or by changing the position of the handle built into the pneumatical steering-lubricating station ("P" versions). Purchasing of this mole is suggested for example workload: 50% plastic pipes installation in the range Ø125mm-250mm and no more than 50% of steel pipes ramming Ø159-325 If there aren't any PE pipes smaller than Ø160mm better option would be HP160V mole. There are few types of HP160L:

"P": mole with pneumatic steering (forward-reverse) using valve built into the steering-lubricating station.

"V": not demountable expansion at the rear of the mole Ø200mm. It enables piercing holes for Ø160mm pipe installation directly behind the mole.