HP135R /HP135PR



Pneumatic piercing tool (with reverse mode) complete with active head designed for horizontal operations.


Hand installation of Ø25-75mm plastic pipes.. 
Installation of fiber cables, power and gas lines.
Installation of Ø110mm pipes directly in the first operation.
Installation of Ø125mm plastic pipes directly in the first operation.
Installation of Ø90mm plastic pipes directly in the first operation.


IMole HP135R (PREDATOR) is a very efficient and precise hammer.

This model is equipped with an active (moving) head-check animated picture. Hammers with that construction have the highest accuracy in piercing holes and higher effectiveness in hard soils. Active head works in a 2+1 system which means that energy that comes from the first two impacts is used for breaking and pushing the soil away from the mole. The third hit moves the corpse forward. As a result, the HP135R mole is very effective with 30%+ increased speed vs. solid head moles.

Using this mole in very hard soils such as dry clay, shales improves the speed of completing works because energy that comes from the piston i directly transferred onto the head, which leads to the more effective breaking of the ground. The new model HP135R has higher inertia than its predecessor which has a positive effect on piercing even in moist soil. The reverse mode in HP135R is switched on by pulling the air supply hose out (there is no need to turn the hose) or with the use of a steering-lubricating station with HP135PR by changing the position of the built-in handle.

HP135R/HP135PR is recommended for piercing holes and trenchless installation of PE & PCV pipes with 110mm, 125mm, and 90mm diameter. The method of pipe installation consists of direct pulling the pipe behind the machine attached with a rope and a strainer or manually inserting the pipe into the previously pierced hole. The purchase of this model is indicated in the following approximate fronts of works: 80% installation of plastic pipes Ø110mm or Ø125mm, 20% installation of plastic pipes Ø90mm. HP135PR is a modified version of the HP135R mole with the same range of operation. It is equipped with a pneumatical reverse mode applied by changing the position of the valve built into the steering-lubricating station.

HP135RM and HP135PRM modified versions of HP135R/HP135PR and are equipped with a special end nut called pipe pulling tube that allows pipe installation in the first operation.