Underground infrastructure was costly and disruptive

until now


Our ADB technology




Zilper’s proprietary technology, Assisted Dynamic Boring (ADB), is a versatile and cost-efficient trenchless solution designed to install a wide range of metal casings diameters under most soil conditions without significant investment in downhole tools or cutting heads.

One machine, many projects

A single Zilper machine can handle a wide range of pipe diameters (8"-44"), up to 500 feet of pipeline per drive, in almost any type of soil condition.


Success stories

We have successfully tested the technology in some of the most complicated projects. Where others failed, we succeeded.


Our story



Zilper Trenchless is a company that started out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2018.

While leading the trenchless division of a pipeline infrastructure contractor, Roberto realized that there was a big market need for a versatile and cost-effective trenchless technology that could be used in multiple projects.

Since then, he partnered with Daniel, his brother who attended MIT, to develop such a solution. 

After a year of hard work and multiple iterations, they developed it, filed for a patent and started executing challenging projects that proved the value of Zilper technology. Thanks to the success of those projects, Zilper Trenchless was awarded as Best New Trenchless Equipment 2019 and Best Trenchless Innovator 2019 at the ICTIS international conference in Bogota, Colombia.  

A new trenchless technology born in Colombia


Techstars backed company.
Member of the Heritage Group Accelerator Powered by Techstars.

Best New Trenchless Equipment ICTIS 2019
Best Trenchless Innovator ICTIS 2019

MIT $100k Launch Audience

Choice Award

First place at the DesignX's demo day 2019.
 MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Winners at Urban Challenge 2019


Demo day winner at Imagine

H2O cohort 2019


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